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Student Programs in Family Medicine Welcome

Welcome to the wonderful world of Student Programs! Our mission is to serve the medical students of Emory University School of Medicine, and visiting students, by exposing them to and teaching them about the specialty of Family Medicine. We are privileged to have several venues and opportunities in which students can interact with family physicians from a wide variety of backgrounds-from academic faculty and researchers to practicing community physicians and public health leaders.

The Undergraduate Medical Education Division of the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine utilizes all of the resources within the Department to help students explore the amazing field of primary care, and Family Medicine in particular.  From required courses such as the Outpatient Experience (OPEX) and the Ambulatory Care Block to electives, externships and volunteer opportunities both here and abroad, students have the opportunity to work closely with family physicians and see first hand the joys and privileges of caring for patients throughout their lifetime. 

Our faculty is honored to work with students in all phases of their medical education. From being Society Advisors, members of the medical admissions committee, progress and promotions committee, to attending graduation ceremonies, our departmental faculty care about all the needs of the students, whether they are interested in family medicine careers or will interface with family physicians later in their various careers. The faculty is available to the students as formal and informal mentors, teachers of family medicine, role models, confidantes and friends. You ask for it, you can get it.

We welcome inquiries from interested students and hope that you take a moment to explore Family Medicine at Emory. From all of us in the Family Medicine Department of Undergraduate Medical Education, we hope that you too discover what we have learned about family physicians….we love what we do and we do it well!


Student Programs in Family Medicine

Emory Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

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Student Programs Directors: 

Emily Herndon, MD  

Dr Emily Herndon

Julie Johnson, MD

 Dr Julie Johnson

Student Programs Staff:

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Janis Palmore

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Laquanda Jackson