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Current Residents

This section of the Family Medicine Residency Program webpage contains Manuals, Policies, Educational, Clinical, and Research Resources

Educational Resources

Family Medicine Residency Didactic conferences schedule Right Click to open in a new window

Family Medicine Scholarly Project Policies and Deadlines

Journal Club Description

Journal Club Outline

STFM Digital Resource Library

Evidence Based Medicine Presentation Template

Emory PPT Presentation templates

AMA Webinars (practice management)

Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

Quality Improvement/Patient Safety/Leadership/PCMH modules   IHI Open School Core Curriculum modules (Free to trainees/students)

AFMRD Curriculum Resources (ECG, Ophthamology, Fatigue and Impairment, Oral Health, etc)

NIH Online Course Offerings

Medicare Wellness Visit Scheduling table

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Chart

Quick Reference: Home Health

AAFP Monographs

NEJM article on Myths,Truths about Obesity

Primary Care Health Workforce Competencies

Teaching Pearls

AMA Family History Guide

Practice Management: Open Access Scheduling

Clinical Resources

Clinical Resources

Community Resource Manual



Get Up and Go

 1013 form

 Flu Testing

 GA school PE form





Lead risk assessment    

BP Table by age/height A

sthma action plans

BP log

BG log

Headache log

Pain log

Practice Guidelines

Patient Education materials

Action Plans


pap cyto

Clinical Decision Support

Correction of Warfarin overdose

Coumadin Safety

Third Party Payor Manuals Diet/Nutrition