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Faculty and Staff

The following information about Faculty and Staff of the Emory Family Medicine Faculty and Staff is limited to name, e-mail address, and a brief narrative about their personal values and life outside their work.   Each name is linked to the Department Employee Directory, which provides more detail including their limited Biography.

Family Medicine Residency Program Core Faculty

Alfonso, Susana          Assistant Professor, Department Director of Academic and Clinical Programs

Beck, Teresa Lianne           Assistant Professor,  Director, Emory Family Medicine Residency Program

Dunlop, Anne  Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine Division

Gibson, MD, PhD, CPE, Associate Professor, Medical Director, Emory Family Medicine Clinic Dunwoody

McDaniel, Kara  Clinical Instructor, Co-Director Behavior Medicine Program

Who is the real Dr. McDaniel?  During her spare time, Kara enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. Additionally, she enjoy spending time with friends and family, playing tennis, dining out at different restaurants, gazing at the changing colors of fall, traveling, watching movies, listening to music, and attending professional baseball games.   She describe her personal values, what is important to her as a person as to continue to strive to be the best and most compassionate person I can be, both personally and professionally, to live life to the fullest and to not take anything for granted, and to help those in need. 

Lowell, Isabel  Senior Associate, Emory Family Medicine Residency

Who is the real Dr Lowell?  Dr Lowell is an ultra athlete, working out on the exercise bike while preparing a powerpoint presentation during lunch break, running marathons and more. 

Morgan, Toyosi  Assistant Professor, Director of the Preventive Medicine Residency Program

Who is the real Dr. Morgan?   Dr Morgan developed and runs the Emory Family Medicine Lifestyle Clinic.

Nwosu, Oguchi  Assistant Professor, Co-Director, Medical Student Programs in Family Medicine

Who is the real Dr. Nwosu?  Dr. Nwosu loves spending time with his wife and children, watching movies and sports and travelling.   He describes his personal values as: devotion to his family, faith in God, a positive attitude, daily growth, patience, kindness, integrity and honesty, hardwork and committment.  His primary goals in life are: 1. be the best father and husband that he can be and leave a legacy his children can be proud of;   2. to positively influence as many people as possible in his work setting; 3. achieve personal satisfaction that he has served his God and the people God has placed in his path.

Owen, Ashley   Clinical Instructor, Director of the Behavior Medicine Program

Lutz, Lawrence  Professor; Former Department Chair

Johnson, Julie  Assistant Professor

Non-core Family Medicine Residency Program Faculty

Aziz-Baumgartner,Eduardo  Clinical Assistant Professor, Medical Epidemiologist in Influenza, CDC  

Who is the real Dr. Aziz-Baumgartner?

Callahan, David     Clinical Instructor; Officer CDC

Who is the real Dr. Callahan?

Leroy, Zanie        Assistant Professor,  Infectious Diseases, CDC

Staff       Residency Office   Phone: 404-727-8843(46)    Fax: 404-727-1174

Price, Sandra  FM Residency Program Coordinator  

Sandra Price     404-727-8843        


Zhang, Yan  Administrative Assistant, Family Medicine Division                                       

 Yan Zhang     404-727-9160