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Emory Family Medicine Clinic

The Department of Family and Preventive Medicine’s patient care services include comprehensive, acute, urgent, preventive and chronic condition care for patients of all ages and their families. The Emory Family Medicine Clinic in Dunwoody is the primary community-based clinic site for faculty and family medicine resident practice. Our Family Medicine residents are graduates of accredited medical schools, who provide care in partnership with Emory Family Medicine faculty. Having a large number of faculty and resident providers improves timely access for our patients at the clinic or by phone after hours for urgent problems. The Dunwoody Clinic practice faculty offer inpatient services, including labor and delivery at the Emory University Hospital Midtown.   

Our goal as providers is to partner with you to keep you well or improve your health status. Having a regular team of primary care health professionals allows our patients and physician-led healthcare teams to get to know each other well, which has been shown to improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction, and reduce unnecessary costs of repeated tests, duplicate medications, and ER visits. Coordinating your care helps make sure you get the right care when you need it, including referrals to our Emory Healthcare Network of specialists or inpatient care at an Emory hospital when necessary.  Emory’s academic practice setting offers the support of many physician partners who are experts in their specialty, as well as an effective channel of communication between these specialists and our Family Physicians. At Emory Family Medicine, we’re dedicated to providing the very best high quality, high value patient care.

Some of the unique services at our clinic include behavioral medicine and The Lifestyle Clinic.