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Virtual Tour

   Welcome to the Emory Family Medicine Clinic at Dunwoody


4500 N. Shallowford Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338                                                          

Family Medicine Center roadside signage              

        Plenty of parking at no cost         

Patient Parking at the Emory Family Medicine Clinic Parking lot at the Emory Family Medicine Clinic 

Barrier-free building access             Spacious reception area

   Front Entrance to the Emory Family Medicine Clinic    Clinic Reception desk

    Spacious waiting room for adults and children                                                        

alternate wait and refreshment area  Full waiting room

  Infant weigh station               One of 5 hallways to exam rooms

Infant weigjh station      Internal hallway

 Comfortable space

for patient and family                                Specially-designed procedure room      

  Example of an exam room              Procedure room           

  Patient Education classroom

   Emory FM Center Multipurpose Room


                           Urgent Care Entrance and Suite                                                                 

   Urgent Care suite  Urgent Care suite        

      Lab waiting area and blood draw room

Lab wait area       Blood draw lab       

     Psychologist/Counseling Services  onsite                  

Psychologist Services Suite      Dr McDaniel Counseling office    

           Friendly patient and family-centered physicians and staff             

     Friendly patient and family-centered staff    Caring clinical team 

Faculty/Medical Resident/Staff teamcare                                                       

  Faculty resident clinical team    Preceptor Teaching room         

     Nurses/Providers Clinical Workspace             

Nurses Station      Nurses station south 

    Our office is conventiently located near I285 on the northside


           Emory Family Medicine Clinic map