Frequently Asked Questions

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At what PGY level will I enter the program?

That depends on your most recent experience. Some residents enter this program after completing another specialty residency and becoming board-certified in that specialty; some after partially completing another specialty residency; and some after completing a transitional year. Your PGY level upon acceptance to this program likely will depend on your highest successfully-completed level in your most recent program. 

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I am interested in maintaining my clinical skills. How much time is spent in clinical settings?

Preventive Medicine Residents are required to provide direct patient care a minimum of two months per year. Emory Preventive Medicine residents provide direct patient care for at least two months per year in a spectrum of predominantly ambulatory clinical care settings.  For residents who are appropriately qualified particular clinical specialties, and who have interests in providing direct patient care in those domains, efforts are made to accommodate patient care rotations in relevant settings. 

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If I already have an MPH, is there an abridged residency option?

Candidates who already have an MPH degree (or who have completed at least 50% of work toward the degree) from an accredited institution may be considered for completion of the Preventive Medicine Residency in one year ONLY if they also already have completed an ACGME-accredited residency. 

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What are Emory policies regarding duty hours, moonlighting, and other administrative considerations?

Residents are considered house medical staff and are subject to policies of Emory’s Graduate Medical Education (GME) office. Information policies and other considerations addressed by GME can be found here.

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