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Resident Learning Portfolios

As outlined by the ACGME guidelines for preventive medicine residency programs, our residents maintain a learning portfolio and educational plan. The educational plan is developed during the first week of the residency and guides rotations, conferences, and other education experiences to ensure thorough and engaging exposure to public health and general preventive medicine practice. The learning portfolio is a summary of rotations, MPH coursework, finished work products, committee and conference participation and resident reflection of experience applicability to various ACGME milestones. The learning portfolio is captured in two places: a document template, and digitally on this website. While these portfolios cannot be considered exhaustive examples of the opportunities and hard work required, it provides a preview of both the accomplishments of our residents and serves as a snapshot of what being a resident in the Emory Preventive Medicine Residency Program is like. 

To see the accomplishments of our residents or get an idea of what you could do in our residency, click the resident names to the left. As you review, please keep in mind that these portfolios focus on work that is completed as part of the Emory Preventive Medicine Residency Program and are not inclusive of all the hard work done before - and after - residency.