Preventive Medicine Residency Program

  • Emory Hospital in Midtown, Atlanta

  • Resident presenting on Zika at ACPM 2017

  • Graduate Dr. Valle poses with Department Chair, Dr. Johnson, and Program Director, Dr. Goodman

  • Recent graduate, Dr. Valle, is sworn into the Naval Reserves

  • Rotation options include a division of interest at the CDC

  • Rotations at the VA include infectious disease, clinical preventive medicine and much more!

  • A resident presents an HIV needs assessment for rural GA at ACPM 2017

Our residency program is housed within Emory's School of Medicine’s Department of Family and Preventive Medicine. The program received full accreditation in 1994 and has since trained over 40 residents. The residency program is accredited for a total of four positions. With a smaller program such as ours, considerable attention is devoted to the individual requirements of residents, and the program is flexible enough to accommodate persons with highly diverse backgrounds and interests. The Preventive Medicine Residency Program seeks to train individuals to become board certified specialists in General Preventive Medicine and Public Health, with the potential to become academic, policy, and industry leaders in the field of Preventive Medicine.

Please explore our site to learn more about our curriculum, our residents, former residents, and advanced training in the field. We also have provided a Frequently Asked Question page to better acquaint you with the program.

What is the specialty of preventive medicine and public health?

Preventive Medicine is a specialty that links clinical medicine with medical management, research, and population health. Our program, residents, and graduates focus on health promotion and modifying or eliminating the risks of disease, injury, disability, and death. Our residents are exposed to preventive medicine, and research through public health, occupational medicine, clinical medicine, informatics, policy development, academic medicine, international medicine, and research.

You can learn more about preventive medicine residencies by visiting the American College of Preventive Medicine's website.

Mission, Goals and Objectives


The mission of the Emory Preventive Medicine Residency is to equip residents with the core competencies of preventive medicine (the specialty of medical practice that focuses on the health of individuals, communities, and defined populations) and to prepare them for specialty certification in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine.

Overall Educational and Training Goals

The overall educational goals of the Emory’s Preventive Medicine Residency Program (PMRP) are to ensure that preventive medicine residents (PMRs): (1) attain the competencies specified by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) as assessed by respective ACGME milestones; (2) possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities in preventive medicine that can be applied effectively in multiple settings (e.g., government, academia, health care systems, communities) to improve population health; and (3) are prepared for taking the board certification examination in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine as administered by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

The ACGME requires that the following core competencies be integrated within the curriculum of PMRPs: (1) patient care and procedural skills; (2) medical knowledge; (3) practice-based learning and improvement; (4) interpersonal and communication skills; (5) professionalism; and (6) systems-based practice. The ACGME also has created a set of milestones for each of the core competencies; the milestones help to shape the EPMRP curriculum and also provide a framework for assessing PMR progress. The EPMR curriculum is designed to support residents in their achievement of the competencies, as measured by attainment of the milestones, as well as other residency core requirements specified by the ACGME.

Rotations and Teaching Hospitals

Preventive Medicine Residents train at several Atlanta hospitals and healthcare systems throughout their residency! The variety of locations allows our residents to work with a variety of populations and through complex projects. Our training sites and their respective rotations include: 

Emory (includes The Emory Clinic, Emory University Hospital Midtown, Winship Cancer Institute, and Emory University)

  • TravelWell Center
  • Preventive Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • HealthyEmory (employee wellness)
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Student Health
  • Rollins School of Public Health - various projects

The Atlanta Veteran's Affairs Medical Center (VAMC)

  • Infectious Disease Division
  • Quality Scholars Program
  • Primary Care/Clinical Preventive Medicine
  • Community Living Center/Geriatrics 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention
  • Infectious Disease Related Divisions
  • Other divisions related to resident's interests

The Georgia Department of Public Health

  • Various divisions related to resident's interests
  • District 4 Rural Health Department

Grady Healthcare (currently only available to special standing residents/WOC residents)

  • The Ponce Clinic

Children's Hospital of Atlanta (CHOA) (only available to board certified or board eligible pediatricians)

  • Strong4Life Program

Advanced Training in Preventive Medicine

Public Health and Preventive Medicine are global concepts that never stop evolving. Consider expanding upon your Preventive Medicine Residency training by pursuing work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or a Preventive Medicine Fellowship. We are proud to work closely with both programs and encourage our Residents to look into these or other options after training with Emory. 

CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) 

The EIS Program and its Officers work in the areas of infectious or noninfectious diseases, chronic disease, injury prevention, environmental health, or occupational health. Applicants with a background in public health, preventive medicine, or other related field are poised for high consideration. Visit the link above for more information on the program and applying. Please direct any questions about the EIS program to the CDC representatives.

American College of Preventive Medicine Preventive Medicine Fellowship Database

A fellowship in preventive medicine allows graduated residents to fine-tune their skills in a specific area of public health and preventive medicine. Visit the above link to the American College of Preventive Medicine's (ACPM) database of fellowship opportunities. Individual programs offer opportunities in the following areas: 

  • Addiction Medicine
  • Obesity Medicine
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Nutrition Specialist Training
  • Toxicology
  • EPA Environmental Health
  • Global Health
  • Informatics
  • Research
  • Policy Management